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LATEST PRICE CHANGE: 03/05/2018 (Digiweb's 1000mb Electric Broadband now available for just €10 for first 2-months (€55 thereafter)).

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Cheapest Digiweb Deal

Superfast broadband, Unlimited Mobile
  • 150Mb/s download speed
  • Unlimited data
  • 12 months contract

 * 3 month discount



Fastest Digiweb Deal

Electric Broadband 1000
  • €10* per month
  • Unlimited data
  • 12 months contract

* 2 month discount

up to



Best Deals

Best Digiweb Deals

Electric Broadband 1000
  •  12 months contract

First year cost is €619


per month


  • The fastest broadband in Ireland. SIRO powered Gigabit  broadband uses the existing ESB electricity network to deliver fibre optic cables all the way to the home. This technology, known as “FTTH”, has no copper connections at any point to slow down the network and can deliver up to 1,000Mbps download speeds.

Why Digiweb?

Digiweb is an Irish-owned business which has supplied broadband to homes and business all over Ireland since 1997. They focus on offering fixed line fibre, wireless and ADSL broadband. They also offer call and broadband bundles for homes in Ireland.

While some providers charge extra for security provision, Digiweb customers can also take advantage of the free internet security and parental controls that Digiweb offers to its new customers. If the online security of your family is a high priority for you, this makes Digiweb extremely appealing in comparison to some of its bigger competitors. While the company’s star is certainly on the rise, the fact that they’ve been around for over 20 years and yet not lost sight of their focus on giving customers value for money is encouraging.

Digiweb is one of Ireland's premier suppliers of broadband and landline solutions. In 2010, they acquired TalkTalk's Irish subsidiary and the business continues to grow from strength to strength. In 2016 they teamed up with SIRO to bring their customers Electric Broadband 1000, their 1GB service. Today, they boast a loyal customer base of over 102,000 who have rated Digiweb as “Excellent” with Trustpilot.

With offices in Dublin and Dundalk, Digiweb provides outstanding broadband and landline services all over Ireland. As an independent and 100% Irish company, Digiweb also offers a premier standard of customer service. The company has a range of different broadband and telephone packages on offer that rivals the selection of even their biggest rivals...


SIRO Electric Broadband 1000

This is Digiweb’s most popular package and offers users unlimited home broadband with download speeds of up to 1Gb and upload speeds of up to 200 Mbps. That’s the fastest broadband in Ireland! Why is it called electric? Because it uses the existing ESB electricity network to deliver fibre optic cables all the way to the home. It utilises “FTTH” technology which has no copper connections at any point to slow down the network. This means that it can deliver speeds of up to 1,000Mbps download speeds that leave other networks standing. But that’s not all. The package features free F-Secure SAFE network security where other providers like Virgin Media would charge extra for their equivalent service.  It also includes a free Best In Class modem valued at €199. All for an incredible price of €10 a month for the first 2 months and only €55 a month for the rest of the 12-month contract. While other providers only allow new customers the best deals, this deal is available both for new and existing customers.


NextGen Home Broadband With VoIP

If you work in a busy office, you’re likely already familiar with Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP. This technique uses the internet rather than traditional phone lines for cheaper and better quality calls, liberating customers from expensive line rental. This package offers VoIP which gives users unlimited free off-peak calls to all landlines and mobiles within Ireland. The package also features unlimited broadband but with speeds capped at up to 24Mbps. Users who choose this package also get a free Best In Class Modem valued at €199 and 6 free months of F-Secure SAFE network security. This tariff is available to new customers for just €39.95 a month while new users can get the first 2 months for just €24.95.


Home Fibre Broadband

Those looking for superfast broadband speeds and a great deal on calls without paying a penny for line rental should look no further than Digiweb’s Home Fibre Broadband package. The package features 100 Mbps download speeds and unlimited data usage. It doesn’t use VoIP but still offers customers unlimited off-peak calls to Irish mobiles and landlines and no line rental charges (saving you €300 a year). You get a free Best In Class modem, free F-Secure SAFE network security and free parental controls. All this and completely free connection, saving you €49. This great all-around deal costs just €42.95 a month and is available to both new and existing customers.  


Market Leading Phone Tariffs

Even if you’re locked into a broadband contract, you can still save up to 85% on calls by transferring your landline to Digiweb. Their Talk Off-Peak package costs just €29.47 a month and includes unlimited off-peak calls to national and UK landlines. The Talk Mobile package affords users unlimited anytime local, national or UK calls and 30 free minutes to all Irish and UK mobiles for just €37.60 a month. The Talk Unlimited package offers unlimited day or night calls to all Irish and UK landlines and mobiles for just €39.95 a month.