Imagine Broadband

  • High Speed Broadband 150Mb
  • Unlimited download
  • Free local, national and UK landline calls
  • Free 60 minutes to Irish mobiles

Compare Imagine broadband offers and Phone bundles. Speeds up to 150Mb. Free local, national and UK landline calls.

Imagine Offer - month discount

Imagine Broadband
  • €59.99 per month
  • Broadband and Calls
  • Unlimited download
  • Massive savings

Why Imagine?

As we creep closer and closer to the 2020s access to fast, reliable broadband is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether we’re working from home or streaming video content, our work and play are more reliant than ever upon access to fast broadband. But while many of Ireland’s major conurbations can enjoy super fast internet access due to the widespread use of fibre broadband, Ireland’s many more rural areas are less well served.

Rural Ireland is the target area of Imagine. They offer those in the further flung corners of the emerald aisle speeds of up to 70Mb. While this may be slower than many fibre broadband users have come to expect it will come as a blessing for those in rural areas where cripplingly slow and frustratingly unreliable dial-up access has been the only way to get online for years.

While other providers have aimed to bring broadband to rural areas through satellite broadband, this has some inherent disadvantages. Satellite signals experience an inevitable delay in transmitting the signal to and from Earth from the satellite’s orbital location. Thus, while normal browsing is usually not affected, streaming movies or live video can be frustrating and online gamers are put at a serious disadvantage.

Rather than using satellite broadband, however, Imagine focuses on getting fibre broadband connections to traditionally underserved communities. As well as this using LTE technology to facilitate this, they also provide phone deals that offer customers access to unlimited local and national calls.

Their deals are not among the cheapest in Ireland, but that's expected with the complications in bringing reliable fibre broadband to customers in the remote areas of Ireland. As in most things, you get what you pay for.

What is LTE?

Mobile internet usage has undergone a period of Long Term Evolution since it was first rolled out in the early ‘00s. From 2G to digital telecommunications to the recent introduction of 4G and now advanced 4G LTE. This technology is the most advanced global standard for wireless broadband used to deliver Fixed and/or Mobile services. It’s currently being deployed internationally to replace legacy copper internet connection and is a specified/approved technology to deliver Next Generation Access (NGA) under the Irish Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP). What do all these acronyms mean for you and your family? Fast and reliable broadband, no matter how remote and rural your surroundings.

Driving change

Imagine work alongside their customers to explore bringing imagine LTE to areas where traditional fibre broadband simply isn’t an option. Currently, Imagine only offers one broadband package with speeds of up to 70Mbps, a daily data allowance of 20Gb and unlimited local and national calls included. That’s a pretty sweet deal for just €59.99. But increased demand has a way of driving innovation. The more people in your area that register interest in LTE, the greater the priority Imagine giving to bringing LTE to your community.

Delivering LTE Fibre

The overlap between acknowledging demand & building a new rural network from scratch takes time. What sets Imagine apart is their dedication to working closely with individual rural Irish communities to make LTE fibre speed access for all a reality.

The Roll Out

LTE is now live in dozens of rural communities, converting hundreds of rural black spots into high-speed broadband areas. Needless to say, rolling out LTE is more than a flick of a switch. It’s a combined effort between Imagine and the communities they serve.

  • Calls Included
    International and National Calls
  • Download
  • Unlimited Download
    Unlimited Data
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