48 Months

The Guido - 3GB
  • €10 per month
  • 3GB data
  • 300 minutes 
  • All Texts
  • WhatsApp Messages
  • 60 minutes Landline

EU Roaming Included


per month

48 Months

The Mitch - 3GB
  • €15 per month
  • 25GB data
  • 50 minutes 
  • 100 Texts
  • WhatsApp Messages

No Landline and EU Roaming Included


per month

Best Deals

48 Months

The Don - 20GB

  • €20 per month
  • 20GB data
  • 1000 minutes 
  • All Texts
  • WhatsApp Messages
  • 60 minutes Landline

No EU Roaming Included


per month


  • Fair usage policy applies to all texts. There are some other rules you should know too. Find out more. 

  • WhatsApp messaging is only available if you have data included (i.e. in your membership plan or if you buy a data add-on).

  • You will not be charged for data when you use the WhatsApp messaging service for messages via the app but if you use the voice features on WhatsApp you will incur data charges.

Who is 48?

48 is Ireland's first online youth mobile network. Saving you cash so you can spend it on what you want.\


Go Conquer

This is the time to do what you want, play with the rules and have fun. These are the best times ever so it's time to go conquer.


Serious Can Wait

This is the time to enjoy yourself. We're here to help you to celebrate the ups, downs and unique experiences of the best time of your life. Serious can wait.


Never Miss Out

With all this action, funds can be tight. At 48, we cut out the crap to give you the best value mobile deal in town. With all the calls, text, data and unlimited messaging on WhatsApp that you want.