Why Big Blu?

There’s nothing more infuriating than living in a rural area where no broadband provider seems to be able to reach. As a result you can spend years paying through the nose for inferior products. Big Blu (formerly Europasat) offers satellite broadband connections to people in remote areas of Ireland who are looking for an affordable broadband package. While Big Blu offer great prices, their service is not quite as strong as that of competitors like Imagine. While Imagine offer 70Mb broadband, Big Blu offers 30 Mb broadband. In remote locations, however, this is still pretty impressive and constantly improving infrastructure means that this can only ever get better. Because they offer satellite broadband deals, they can keep costs manageable compared to companies like Imagine who use fibre instead.

Satellite Broadband Providers

Those old enough to remember painfully slow and unreliable dial-up internet connection will know how much broadband has revolutionized the way in which we use the internet.

Over the years, technology has allowed broadband to change and evolve in ways some consumers may not have expected. One of the most revolutionary developments has been satellite broadband. Here we'll look at some of the ways in which your home may benefit from satellite broadband.

What Is Satellite Broadband?

Satellite broadband is just that… Broadband provided via satellite rather than via underground cables. To receive it, your house will require a dish as well as a transmitter which will link to a satellite orbiting the earth.

The satellite will always remain in the same spot when orbiting, meaning that connection isn’t affected. It will then transfer data to and from the dish connected to your home. This is then transferred to and from the provider’s main server on Earth. This results in you obtaining an internet connection.

While it’s an unorthodox choice, the same technology is used for GPS, weather forecasting, and satellite TV. It’s a system that’s proven to work and with reliable results.

Why Would You Need Satellite Broadband?

There’s no doubt that fibre broadband is the gold standard when it comes to getting online, accessing super fast streaming and managing several connected devices or computers simultaneously. So, why would anyone need satellite broadband?

Fibre is great and all but the fact remains that not everyone can get fibre broadband where they live. Some users may have spent years confined to a cripplingly slow and unreliable dial-up connection. They may even be so far away from an exchange, that even a dial-up isn’t readily accessible. Thus, satellite broadband is ideal for those who require reliable internet access when there’s no fibre available in their area.

It’s not only head and shoulders above dial-up in terms of speed and reliability, but it’s also way cheaper too.

Super Fast Speeds

The main bonus of satellite broadband is the super fast speeds it offers, with download speeds up to 300 times faster than a traditional dial-up connection. For those who work from home, this can unlock a new era of productivity as wasting precious time waiting for important attachments to download from emails becomes a thing of the past. Likewise, you can stream video content in crystal clear high definition, with no worry of annoying lag or interruption.

Flexible Tariffs At Affordable Rates

A huge benefit of satellite broadband is that there is a range of tariffs available. Most ADSL or fibre packages only include a couple of options. You’ll get a ‘budget’ option that caps your data usage or pay through the nose for an unlimited tariff.

Satellite enables you can choose a rate that fits you and your family. There is a range of options that fit different people with different requirements. If you compare the rates to dial up or fibre, it’s way more cost-effective. You’ll never have to overpay for broadband just because you need more data than the cheaper option provides.

For those who are wary of long-term contracts, you can pay for your broadband on a pay as you go service if you want. This is a great option for people that have fairly limited internet usage. Big Blu is Ireland’s #1 rural broadband provider and offers a comprehensive range of tariffs tailored to different needs;

  • Bigblu A10 - This is their budget option starting at €29.95 a month. It offers 30 Mbps download speeds and a maximum 10 Gb of peak data.
  • Bigblu A25 - This offers the same 30 Mbps download speed and 25 Gb of peak data at €49.95 a month.
  • Bigblu A40 - Finally, their premium package offers 30 Mbps download speeds with 40 Gb of peak data at €64.95 a month.

The Positives of Satellite Broadband

Ireland is famous for its gorgeous landscapes, and large rural areas. Yet while they may look stunning, living in these locations can be frustrating in an increasingly digital era. Thus, satellite broadband is the perfect choice for people that need to get online in these remote locations.

Satellite broadband is said to have speeds that are up there with ADSL connections, giving users in remote locations speeds to rival those of their peers in major conurbations. Satellite broadband is always improving, as such it’s estimated they’ll be comparable to fibre optic speeds as well.

Moreover, satellite broadband is widely available and affordable. There are many satellite broadband providers in Ireland, like Big Blu offering a variety of different contracts and tariffs for customers.

Big Blu also includes a fibre guarantee. If fibre arrives in your area, they’ll release you from your contract. Simply show them evidence that it’s arrived, and return any rented equipment. This means you get a quality internet connection and aren’t tied down if something better comes along.

Finally, since there’s no phone line, there’s no line rental to pay. A lot of ADSL and fibre providers will include line rental in your monthly bill, making satellite broadband a very appealing option for the cash-conscious.

The Negatives of Satellite Broadband

Of course, like any technology, satellite broadband has its limitations. Because of the distance, the signal must travel, users may experience some lag. Thus, general browsing won’t be affected but streaming and online gaming may be compromised.

Another issue with satellite technology is that bad weather can cause interference. If there’s a storm, then it’s likely your connection can be affected. Fortunately, Ireland isn’t known for its tempestuous weather, so this won’t be experienced frequently.

Although satellite broadband is growing, there isn’t a huge variety of providers in Ireland. This can restrict you if you don’t find a deal that you like. Hopefully, as more companies realise the potential of this technology, greater competition will lead to a greater range of tariffs.


Satellite broadband isn’t going to be for everyone, but for those for whom fibre broadband simply isn’t an option, it’s by far the most cost effective and high performing choice.