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  • High Speed Broadband 150Mb
  • Unlimited download
  • Free local, national and UK landline calls
  • Free 60 minutes to Irish mobiles

Compare Imagine broadband offers and Phone bundles. Speeds up to 150Mb. Free local, national and UK landline calls.

Imagine offer Unlimited Broadband & Home Phone Imagine
  • €59.99 per month
  • Broadband and Calls
  • Unlimited download
  • Massive savings
  • Calls Included
    International and National Calls
  • Download Speed
  • Unlimited Download
    Unlimited Data

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Imagine at a Glance

In 1993 Sean Bolger founded Imagine Communications Group Limited (more commonly known as Imagine Broadband) with one primary goal; the bring high-speed and reliable internet access to Ireland’s more rural and regional areas.

Fast-forward almost 30 years and Imagine has overseen the rollout of 5G broadband services to over one million premises nationwide. Imagine Broadband uses fixed wireless internet called WTTx to build its 5G network which is both cheaper and quicker to install than many of its competitors’ methods. This shrewd and effective network building solution has allowed Imagine to achieve 74% national rural coverage years ahead of schedule.

Let’s look at what Imagine Broadband can offer you and why they continue to be the champion of rural internet access in Ireland.

Why Choose Imagine?

As mentioned above, Imagine Broadband prides itself heavily on providing reliable broadband in Ireland’s more hard to reach areas. They offer internet access you can count on, that is work from home ready with a powerful WiFi experience, rock solid connection for gaming and streaming.

In terms of specifics, Imagine’s 5G network allows for download speeds of up to 150Mbps and 1 Terabyte downloads. Broadband and landline bundles are also available with customers able to avail of free local calls, national UK and Ireland landline calls and free 60 minute calls to Irish mobiles – definitely one to consider if you’re frequently on the phone or moreover a business owner looking to couple rural broadband connection with a cheap work phone bill.

Imagine offer two primary internet packages. Their ‘For Home’ bundles includes everything mentioned above in terms of download speeds and capabilities couples with a generous landlines package for €59.99/month. While their ‘For Business’ offering offers similar tech specs with the added bonus of a free static IP address on request for the cheaper price of €48.77/month. It’s worth noting that the Home Broadband package is an 18-month commitment whilst the Broadband for Business option carries a 12-month contract length.

The installation process takes approximately 90 minutes and involves placing an outdoor CPE unit either on the side of your house or in a discreet location such as a chimney or a pole. This linked with the indoor router via a thin cable which enables you to join their high-speed 5G network even in some of Ireland’s most remote areas.

Imagine: A Suburban Dream

Imagine Broadband currently employ a 60-person strong Rural Community team on the ground which is wholeheartedly committed to working with rural leaders and partners to get rid of Ireland’s “community broadband blackspots” and replace them with more modern “real-time broadband solutions”. This is essentially Imagine’s way of saying we are the go-to internet provider for Ireland’s smaller towns and villages. They boast a 28-second average answer time for their customer support services with a 92% excellent rating on their live chat support system. In essence this is a company that values above and beyond customer service with a more personal touch that you might not get with some of their more mainstream rivals.

In summary, Imagine Broadband have taken it upon themselves to champion the need for high-quality 5G broadband in Ireland’s hard to reach areas. It may not come as cheap as some of their national competitors. However if you live in one of the country’s more hard to reach areas, particularly if you’re a business owner, it’s hard to look past the appeal of joining their high-speed network.

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