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LATEST PRICE CHANGE: 06/11/2017 (Online Special Bundle cost increased.)

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Cheapest Pure Telecom Deal

Online Special Bundle
  • 100Mb/s download speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Anytime calls to Irish landlines
  • 18 months contract

* 6 months discount



Fastest Pure Telecom Deal

Fibre Broadband
  • €39* per month
  • Unlimited data
  • Anytime calls to Irish landlines
  • 18 months contract

* 6 months discount

up to



Best Deals

Best Pure Telecom Deals

Broadband and Phone 
  • 18-months contract
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited Download

* 6 months discount


per month


  • 100% Irish Owned

  • 6 months discount

  • First-year cost is €444

Why Pure Telecom?

Pure Telecom pride themselves on being Ireland’s Number One broadband service provider. If you’re looking for a great all-around service provider, you’ll find it here. They offer a solid service, great broadband speeds, and very fair prices. As one of Ireland’s smaller providers, they offer the level of customer service you’d expect at hugely competitive prices. They are 100% Irish owned with over 60,000 happy customers in their fold. With packages starting at just €24 per month, you won't find too many broadband deals that are more affordable and even fewer that also includes a great phone deal. Their broadband speeds are right up there with those of leading brands, offering up to 1Gb speed broadband.

Don't rule Pure Telecom out until you've seen what they have to offer...


Lightning Fibre Broadband

Broadband is essential for modern living. But with multiple family members each using different devices at the same time, service providers need to rise to the challenge. With so much data used per household, consumers don’t just need unlimited broadband… They need fast broadband too!

Despite already being one of Ireland’s best providers, Pure Telecom keeps on raising the bar when it comes to giving Irish consumers some of the fastest broadband speeds on the market at incredibly competitive prices. Currently, customers on the Lightning Speed broadband package can enjoy speeds of up to 1Gb from just €39 a month for the first 3 months (€85 a month thereafter). That means unlimited downloads with zero buffering. No matter how many devices in use at once, you’ll be able to enjoy your online experiences without interruption.

With unlimited Irish landline and mobile calls thrown into the mix too, it’s truly one of the best services on the market.


Pure Telecom Broadband Services

It’s a common frustration among many broadband consumers that their providers charge them for landline products for which they have no use. Unlike most other companies in the same space, Pure Telecom broadband is offered as a separate entity - without the need for a phone line. It's a refreshing idea and one that has paid off with thousands of new customers who want broadband and nothing else.


Broadband & phone packages

Of course, you don't have to fly solo and opt for the Purely Broadband service. Pure Telecom also offers a flexible range of joint packages with a phone line included. They offer the same great range of deals you can expect from a market leading phone company. So, expect low-cost calls at certain times of the day and weekends, as well as the unlimited restrictions on your data usage. Line rental starts at just €25 per month with a range of optional add-ons to suit your use;

  • Unlimited calls to Irish landlines for just €3.50 a month

  • Unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles for just €10 a month

  • Unlimited calls to destinations like the UK and USA for just €5 a month


Ireland’s Friendliest Customer Care

Since we’re so reliant on our broadband internet and phone services, we not only need fast and reliable services, we also need to know that our service provider has our back if something goes wrong.

The Pure Telecom team is always ready and willing to help with any concerns. The combination of Live Chat website facilities and phone helplines are great for individual problems and mean that you never have to wait long to speak to someone.

It goes without saying that customer service is a vital component of any telecoms deal. That’s something that Pure Telecom Ireland take very seriously. Many consumers prefer to use smaller businesses because of the individual level of customer care they provide and Pure Telecom are extremely cognizant of this. In fact, Paul Connell, director, and co-founder of the company is insistent about it.

In an interview with Industry and Business, he was made their focus on providing a personal service very clear, and that Pure Telecom can “hand-pick the very best deals for every customer.”. Another important factor in their success is their transparency. According to their website, price transparency is a key part of their ethos. They aim to present their costs to prospective customers straight up with no hidden extras. It's a refreshing change from some of the other telecoms services on the market - and one that customers clearly embrace.


Easy Setup Process

Getting the best service at the best price should be top of your agenda. Nonetheless, that service doesn’t start and end with the reliability of your connection. Installation is a key element. When you’re in the process of moving home or simply changing your service provider, you need to know that you can get up and running quickly without paying a fortune. Not only are all of Pure Telecom’s fibre broadband installations free, but they’re also quick, easy and painless with a bare minimum of alteration to your home. As a homeowner or tenant, this factor is crucial.

When you’re up and running, all customers can monitor their accounts with ease. Whether it’s setting parental controls or managing your payments, the members' area makes it simple while their handy and informative blog contains various helpful tips.


In Conclusion

Pure Telecom is one of the most reliable service providers in Ireland and offers incredible flexibility, great reliability and market-leading customer care. Whether you’re looking for a phone, internet or both, they offer the ideal solution.

If you’re looking for a no-frills broadband service with high speeds and unlimited use, then Pure Telecom should be on your shortlist not just for their highly customisable packages of broadband and phone deals but for the level of customer care they provide. Internet access and telephone communications are a fundamental part of the modern home and we need to know that the service provider we choose is worthy of our trust. Pure Telecom understands this and their combination of robust, competitive services and outstanding customer care make them stand shoulder to shoulder with the multinational giants as one of Ireland’s premier service providers with availability in over one million Irish homes. Since the company has been in operation since 2002, you know that it’s a name you can trust.

Visit their site today for all the latest deals. If you’re unsure on what package to choose, ask an online advisor. With the right package selected, you’ll never need another provider!