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Sky Ireland

  • Speeds up to 1Gb
  • 99% Reliable Broadband
  • Ultrafast Broadband
  • €30 a month for 12 months
sky Broadband - Ireland
  • Download Speeds
    Up to 1GB
  • Contract
    12 Months
  • Connection
    Full Fibre
  • Easy to Switch
    Our most reliable broadband

* Availability subject to location. Standard pricing applies after 12-month minimum term. Free Set-up.

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  • Ultra HD
    Immersive cinematic experience
  • Connection
    sky over WiFi. No Dish.
  • Channels
    Add your favourite TV packs

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Sky Broadband

  • Lightning-fast full fibre speeds up to 1Gb/s
  • 99% Reliable Broadband promise
  • Deals from as little as €30 a month for 12 months
  • "Triple Play" broadband, TV and phone options
  • Exclusive Sky TV, Netflix, and streaming bundles

Who are Sky Ireland?

Sky is one of the most recognizable brands in Ireland and the UK. The company is part of the huge Comcast NBCUniversal family and has been delivering hi-tech entertainment for over three decades.

One of the most trusted names in reliability and continuity of service, the Sky Group launched the UK's first satellite TV service in 1989 including the first ever 24-hour news channel in Europe.

Innovative Technology

Sky Movies soon followed bringing innovative on-demand content to UK screens and Sky Sports followed in 1991 with live coverage of Premier League football for the first time.

By 1998 the once fledgling provider was delivering over 140 channels with high-quality digital satellite technology making it a leader in British telecommunication, news, and media.

This is also the year Sky TV came to Ireland.

In 2006 the now household name and international brand introduced Sky Broadband into the UK and has provided uninterrupted service since then.

The Sky Group is continually innovating with a long list of firsts in Ireland and the UK including the first scoreline for live football technology, the first digital TV, the first pause, rewind, and record TV, and many more.

Award Winning Service

The provider took gold in the 2022 Choose Broadband awards and Sky Ireland won the Best Broadband Bundle in 2023.

New and existing customers can look forward to being a part of their ongoing drive to stay not only up to date with the latest technology but also stay ahead of the curve.

What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is Sky TV and Broadband made easier than ever. All you need is a wifi enabled TV puck, provided by Sky to instantly enjoy the full range of your choice of Sky TV bundles, as well as a huge range of content apps including the RTE Player, Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+ Disney+ and many more.

In the past, you needed a satellite dish and box with a visit from a Sky TV engineer to set everything up. With Sky Stream, all that is gone, and switching over to a whole new world of streaming content couldn't be simpler.

You can enjoy all of your content on any device and from any room in the house. If you already have a Sky satellite dish and box you won’t need them anymore and the engineers will remove and dispose of them for you.

Is Sky Broadband For You?

If you love Sky TV content then choosing Sky as your broadband provider is a no-brainer. No other company can offer you the range of Sky TV entertainment packages as part of your broadband deal. It's as simple as that.

For those who love sports, particularly fans of the English Premier League, there is little reason to choose another provider. Sky offers pay-per-view exclusives and has by far the lion's share of live televised coverage of top-flight games across the season.

But great sports, news, and entertainment TV aren't the only reasons to choose this market leader. There's lots more to make Sky Broadband a truly great choice.

With a comprehensive range of options to suit all budgets, Sky offers competitive deals that allow you to mix and match add-ons.

Optional extras include Netflix, Sky Glass 4K Smart TV, Sky Live interactive camera for Sky Glass, the Sky Stream Wi-Fi enable TV puck, the Sky Q Satellite TV with further innovations constantly in the development pipeline.

If you have an existing Netflix service your account is easily ported over and where available you will enjoy lighting fast download speeds of up to 1Gbp/s.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Will Sky Broadband work in my area?

Sky is continuing to roll out its ultrafast full-fibre broadband network across the island. You can easily find out if your area is already connected by using their online Eircode availability checker.

How is Sky Broadband installed?

Sky Ireland has been providing broadband across Ireland since 2013. No matter where you live, provided the service is available, they'll be able to install and set up your broadband and/or digital TV service.

If you already have a phone line they can use this to seamlessly enact the switch over to Sky broadband remotely without a call out from a Sky installations engineer.

If you are adding Sky TV and/or don't already have broadband at your location, then a Sky engineer will schedule a time to come out and take care of all the installation work including the satellite dish placing.

The call-out, installation, and setup, and all of the equipment you need for the service are free of charge.

How does Sky broadband work in Ireland?

The folks at Sky love 'easy'.

Simply pick your broadband package from one of the deals on offer and then choose a date that works for you for either activation or installation and setup.

If you need an engineer to do the setup they’ll make sure to call you a day in advance to confirm they’ll be coming. Once they arrive they’ll take care of everything from installing your router and WiFi equipment to placing your satellite dish if you’ve ordered Sky TV.

Switching from an existing provider is even easier.

Just let Sky know whether you want to contact your old provider yourself or if you would like them to take care of the changeover.

If you let them handle it they’ll send you a quick text when everything’s ready to go.

What Sky Broadband can I get?

The packages vary by speed, contract length, add-ons, and of course availability in your area.

To find out what options are available to you click on any deal and then enter your eircode into the checker.

Speed options range from 500Mbp/s to a lightning-fast 1Gbp/s. Contracts vary from 12 to 24 months and addons include Sky TV packages, Netflix, Sky Stream content, and Sky Glass 4K Smart TV with optional interactive camera.

What Sky Broadband speed can I get?

It depends on your area, but wherever Sky broadband is available the range will be from 500Mbp/s to 1Gbp/s.

Does Sky do broadband only?

Yes, they do, and with competitive rates, easy activation, and seamless provider switching services.

Which Sky Broadband is best?

There are multiple options to suit just about every taste and need. If you want broadband only, they’ve got you covered.

Love sports, news, entertainment, and smart TV options? You can have all those too with Sky content you won't find anywhere else.

Not quite sure what you want yet? You can always start with TV only, or broadband only, and then add in more options as you go.

Which Sky Broadband is full fibre?

Sky is embracing the future of online entertainment. Every new connection and broadband bundle is now full fibre with speeds ranging from 500Mbp/s up to 1Gbp/s.

Is Sky Broadband good in Ireland?

Sky has been operating in Ireland since 1998 originally under the name Sky Digitial and now as Sky Ireland. They launched their BSkyB broadband service in 2013 and are one of the only providers offering 'triple play' options of TV, phone, and broadband service.

The company, currently with over 14% of the broadband retail market share, uses existing phone lines and telecommunications networks with built-in reliability, ease of installation, and provider transfer.

It’s safe to say that this company is one of the most trusted and widely used in Ireland.

Do you need a phone line for Sky Broadband?

If you have an existing phone line Sky can use it to switch your service over. If you have a fibre optic cable to your home then you won’t need a separate phone line.

How much is Sky TV and broadband per month?

Deals range currently from €30 per month for basic broadband up to €75 per month for a full Sky Q, Sky TV, Sky Sports, and Ultrafast Broadband package with over 250 Sky TV channels, 8 dedicated Sky Sports channels, and a satellite TV box.

Is Sky Broadband Shield available in Ireland?

No. But there are plenty of other ways to make your connection to the internet safe and Sky representatives will be happy to advise you.

Is line rental included with Sky Broadband?

Yes. Your line rental is fully included in your monthly price.

Still need help?

Head on over to our FAQs page and if you don’t find what you need there, feel free to reach out on our contact page and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.

Sky - Frequently Asked Questions

Having launched in 1998, Sky Ireland has provided Irish customers with a range of TV package deals for over two decades, and has subsequently increased its service with broadband-only, unlimited services, and competitively priced bundle deals. Whether seeking broadband or TV services, Sky is one of the first names on the shortlist.

The Sky internet packages offer great cover, and are readily available across Dublin and in all of major Irish towns and cities. The fibre broadband deals are heralded for their fats download speed capabilities, unlimited usage, and greater reliability than many non-sky products, including those from Eircom and Virgin Media.

Fibre broadband from Sky has the power to simultaneously offer HD streaming of Sky TV and catch-up App services, along with internet browsing, gaming, and more across multiple online devices. Sky Ireland is a very reputable provider that is supported by the best fibre broadband infrastructure. The positive customer care, fair monthly cost, and low 12-month minimum term package deals are all key features too.

A quick look at the Sky customer reviews shows that both the broadband and TV package deals in Ireland are highly recommended. Whether it's a broadband and TV subscription or a sky Broadband Superfast-only package, Sky is a top provider.

The days of wanting or needing a landline are coming to an end. If you have no need for one, due to mobile phones, a home phone-free broadband is preferred. It can removes the add-ons of call plans to the UK and other international territories.

Technically speaking, you do not need a phone line subscription to enjoy Sky services in Irish homes. However, broadband by satellite is more expensive and has a less reliable download speed. If you want to enjoy the best of Sky Broadband Superfast Unlimited and watch Sky Sports and other Sky TV services through an online channel, a package that includes a landline is probably advised.

The monthly cost of Sky Broadband and Sky TV will depend on the individual package or subscription. Your bundle could include a range of HD channel options including Sky Sports, Sky Kids, Sky Cinema, and a variety of premium TV channels from the UK, Ireland, and America.

Sky Entertainment and Sky Variety TV subscription are the most common bundle solutions. The add-ons of Sky Sports HD, BT Sport HD, Sky Cinema HD, and co. allow you to build a deal that suits you needs while the choice of Sky Box, such as Sky Q, can affect the price too. However, Sky offers transparent and fair pricing to the customer for all Sky TV, fibre broadband, and telephone bundle offerings. The minimum term remains a year across all products while the monthly costs are in line with Virgin Media a, Eirann, and other popular providers like Eir.

When adding a landline, the off-peak and anytime call packages will influence the monthly subscription price too. However, with Sky HD TV Entertainment, Sky Fibre Unlimited, and Talk Anytime available for €77.50, Sky is a great offer for any user in Dublin and beyond.

Sky Broadband Superfast is delivered through fibre cables and can provide the customer with download speeds of 100mbps for an unlimited and uninterrupted broadband service in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and other parts of Ireland. Sky is a major provider that uses its own infrastructure to deliver the best service and offer some of the best broadband deals in Ireland.

Sky Broadband brings a reliable, superfast WiFi signal to the home while also allowing you to enjoy various TV channels on your devices (as well as your TV and Sky Q box) via the Sky App. Sky also offer an introductory discount to new customers, which can include free installation or a free subscription to Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and other premium channels. The stand-alone broadband deals can also offer new customer benefits such as free Netflix or Amazon Prime services for 3-6 months.

Crucially, Sky Broadband allows you to surf, browse, stream, and watch Sky TV with some of the best average speeds on the market. Sky sits comfortably at the top table of providers alongside the likes of Vodafone and Virgin Media, while also offering a Gigafast Gigabit package at exceptional value of €35 per month.

Sky Broadband offers an average speed of 10Mbps on Sky Essential, 75Mbps on Sky Superfast, and 1,000Mbps on Sky Ultrafast.

Sky Broadband in Ireland comes with many great features. When taking out a Sky TV package, you'll get a Sky Q 1TB box as standard, as well as access to on-demand services and an App. As for the broadband service, the reliable WiFi connection and download speed in Dublin, Leinster, Galway, and other territories are hugely beneficial. The only downside is the lack of the Sky Broadband Shield tools that are available to customers in the UK.

There are plenty of alternative ways to protect your systems and control family setting, but particularly inexperienced tech users may find that this is an issue. However, Sky Broadband Buddy, a multiscreen management App, is available.

Taking out a Sky deal for broadband, TV, or a combination of both will include line rental as standard. So, the price you see is the price you'll pay. Meanwhile, your Sky Q 1TB box, broadband hub, and other Sky equipment will be provided for free, with no set up fee.

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