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eir Broadband

  • Combine unlimited high-speed broadband with TV and phone options
  • Stream 4K video with up to 36 devices
  • Up to 1Gb download speed
  • No Set-Up Fee When You Buy Online
  • Unlimited data usage
eir offer eir Broadband
  • €34.99 a month for 12 months
  • 500Mb Fibre Broadband speeds
  • Totally Unlimited
  • Unlimited Off-Peak local & national calls
  • Calls Included
    Unlimited off-peak local and national calls
  • Contract Term
    12 Months
  • Download Speed
  • Download Usage

* Free Setup. €34.99 a month for 12 months.

€34.99* See Deal

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1800 303 721

  • Channels
    Over 50 channels and access to apps with Apple TV 4K included
  • Contract Term
    12 Months
  • Download Speed
  • Download Usage

* €47.98 per month x 12 months, €95.98 per month thereafter.

€44.98* See Deal

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1800 303 721

  • Calls Included
    Unlimited off-peak local and national calls
  • Contract Term
    24 months
  • Download Speed
  • Download Usage

* Free Set Up. €44.99 per month x 24 months, €85.99 per month thereafter.

€49.99* See Deal

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1800 303 721

Who is eir?

The origins of Ireland's most well-known telecommunications provider go back to the founding of the Irish state.

The private company now known as eir was formerly the state body Telecom Éireann. Before this, the service was known as the Department of Posts and Telegraphs.

In 1999, Telecom Éireann was floated publicly on the Irish stock exchange and on the NYSE. The French telecommunications investment fund Iliad SA now holds the majority share.

Ireland’s telecommunications backbone

Its unique position in the history of Irish telecommunications makes eir different from other providers in the state. They own and manage the underlying telecommunications network in Ireland and provide wholesale fixed-line network services for resale to other providers.

You could say that eir is the provider other providers rely on for their connection to the global communications network. They are at the heart of the National Broadband Plan to roll out fibre optic high-speed broadband nationwide and are a trusted name in the industry.

Retail broadband market leader

Today, the company is the market leader in both broadband and fixed-line telephone services. They are by far the largest player in the Irish telecommunications market as a whole, with over 40% of total share.

Their leading position holds more than 40% of retail and wholesale fixed-line services and over 27% of retail broadband subscriptions in Ireland.

Is eir for you?

The history of eir is unique in the Irish market and continues to make them a dominant force in the country.

If stability and continuity of service are important to you, then there is no better choice of provider. The company maintains the backbone of internet traffic in Ireland and wholesales this service to other providers.

While other companies may leave the Irish market, there are almost no circumstances under which this scenario could play out for Ireland's historic national telecommunications body.

Fixed line, mobile, TV, and high-speed broadband

Given eir’s role at the centre of the National Broadband Plan, their dominant market position as a fixed line provider, their 2005 purchase of the Meteor mobile network, and comprehensive TV news, sports, and entertainment offerings, they are an excellent one-stop-shop for those who like to have one bill and one number to call for all of their communications services.

With download speeds of up to 1Gbp/s, higher speeds in the pipeline, simultaneous 4K streaming on up to 36 devices, and over 50 channels included in their TV bundle, even the busiest of households will have no trouble working, playing and entertaining at home on a lightning fast, lag-free eir internet connection.

Award-winning broadband provider awarded eir first prize in their 2023 awards for best broadband provider in Ireland.

Do you still have questions about eir? Read on through our FAQ to learn more about Ireland's most popular broadband service provider.

What is eir TV?

This is a popular add-on to standard broadband packages with over 50 channels and a range of other additional benefits, including the following:

  • Amazon Prime Video subscription
  • Multi-room, multi-device viewing
  • Free Apple TV 4K device
  • Available on the eir mobile app
  • Upgrade to eir TV extra for over 100 channels
  • Record up to 500 shows at any one time

What channels are included in the eir TV bundle?

The standard TV package includes the following:

  • 11 news channels
  • 7 kids channels
  • 40 entertainment channels
  • 2 documentary channels
  • 9 radio channels

You can add on a further 5 kids channels, 16 entertainment channels, 10 documentary channels, and three sports channels with an eir TV Extra upgrade.

How much is eir broadband and TV per month?

Broadband deals start from €37.99 per month, and you can add on eir TV for an additional €9.99. You can upgrade to eir TV Extra for a further €9.99 per month.

What is the eir Smart WiFi Hub?

WiFi blackspots are a common problem in most buildings, even in what may seem like a small house or apartment. Although you can work around this by moving devices and furniture, it's only sometimes possible, especially where space is at a premium.

The eir Smart WiFi Hub is a plug-and-play solution with a one-off purchase fee that you can use to eliminate blackspots in your home, extend your WiFi by up to 150m2, improve your signal strength by up to 10 times, and double the number of devices you can use without any loss of speed.

The device costs €99.99, requires no setup or wiring, and can be moved around your home for optimal use of all of your browsing and streaming options.

What is eir fibre broadband?

Standard broadband uses the legacy copper wire telephone infrastructure to deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps. Fibre broadband uses dedicated fibre optic cables to deliver lightning-fast speeds of up to 1Gbps, with even faster rates up to 10Gbps planned for the future.

How good is eir broadband?

With over 40% of the overall telecommunications market share and the largest share at over 27% of retail broadband subscriptions in Ireland, eir is still the nation's first choice for broadband, TV, and fixed wire phone line services.

And don't forget about that award from, for best broadband provider in Ireland in 2023!

In addition to providing a reliable, future-proofed national-level broadband service, you can enjoy the following perks and add-ons when signing up for an eir broadband bundle:

  • Over 50+ channels with their standard TV bundle
  • 100+ channels with their premium upgraded TV offering
  • Mobile phone and handset contracts and deals
  • Unlimited local and national offpeak landline calls

Do I need a phone line for eir broadband?

No phone line is necessary. If you are having eir fibre broadband installed for the first time, a dedicated fibre optic line will be installed in your home, and you can make all your phone calls on this connection.

How does eir broadband work?

If you’re signing up for a new eir fibre broadband package, here’s how it goes:

  • Check availability in your area on their website
  • Choose the bundle that works best for your household
  • Make sure you are out of contract with any existing provider you have
  • Watch the handy installation video on their website
  • Sign up for the package and book your installation appointment
  • Make sure you’re home when the technician arrives
  • Let the professionals do their job and demo the final working product for you
  • Sit back and enjoy your ultra-fast next-generation fibre broadband service

How fast is eir broadband?

All new broadband bundles have top download speeds of at least 500Mbps. Their fastest bundle reaches up to 1Gbp with guarantees of dedicated, unshared fibre optic connections directly to your home.

Is eir broadband unlimited?

Every eir broadband bundle includes unlimited upload and download data capacity.

Does eir broadband include line rental?

Yes, it does. The prices quoted on their websites include line rental to your home with no additional monthly charges or one-time fees.

What add-ons to basic broadband can I include in my bundle?

There are plenty of fun add-ons to a basic eir broadband bundle. Here are the most popular options:

  • eir TV (includes Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV box)
  • eir TV Extra (all eir TV options plus additional channels)
  • Anytime Landline calls
  • Racing TV
  • Multiroom Viewing
  • SIM Only eir mobile connect
  • SIM Only eir mobile complete
  • Bill pay mobile phone options

Do you have more questions about eir or switching your provider?

Check out our comprehensive FAQs page for more practical information to make your switch as stress-free as an evening at home with unlimited broadband and a vast range of streaming options to keep you fully entertained.

If you still need more help, reach out on our contact page or drop us a line, and we'll help you get sorted with the best package to suit your needs!

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