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Compare eircom offers and eir tv bundles. Get sport tv channels with Virgin Media Sport Pack. Unlimited Calls for Irish landlines and texts. Packages without call charges. Apple TV 4K Included. Find all eir TV Channels.

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eir Broadband
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  • Amazon Prime Video on us for a year!
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  • Unlimited Off-Peak local & national calls
  • FREE eir sport pack with Virgin Media Sport
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About eir

Before this company was known as eircom, an amalgamation of eir and telecom, but now it is known simply as eir. They are the provider of the leading service of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services in Ireland.

Why Choose eir?

Reasons to choose this provider includes the fact that they give the customer some of the best Wifi and high speed broadband there is. In fact, they offer Irish landlines of up to 1,000Mbps in some areas and a range of different connections, which makes it way faster that the 100mb max that providers like Vodafone offer in their bundle. (Just be sure to choose the right eir package). They will even install a modem, so you can have lightning fast access to the internet. Their home phone and internet bundle provides a per month discount with no extra line rental for customers. Which means you get a great deal and an even better price, especially with the per month discount that is available.

eir bundles

For the eir customer, all services are available nationwide at a reasonable cost with high-speed. Their residential package, available at a very reasonable price, includes home phone, the internet bundle, and TV. They have the most extensive network and provide a comprehensive range of advanced voice, data, internet, mobile and ICT services to the residential customer. In fact, they are one of the leading businesses to offer Irish mobiles to the residential market. They also serve small business, enterprise, and public sector markets too.

eir Fibre Availability

The availability depends on where the eir customer lives and what’s available at their address. To check if you are suitable for a fibre contract bundle, you will need to see if it has arrived in your area. Something you can do by checking the availability online. In fact, as it stands, some rural homes based in Ireland cannot yet receive superfast internet in this way.

Fortunately, the National Broadband Plan (NBP) is targeting these areas in rural Ireland. With the aim of providing network access to Irish landlines with an average download speed of 100mb for all. All with no setup cost and zero line rental. With the rollout of this National Broadband Plan (NBP) plan in happening right now and due to be completed sometime after the 2020 general election.


If a customer chooses one of their packages, the company will install a Wi-Fi modem. You can then seamlessly connect to multiple devices with your landline. You can also keep your existing mobile number and use parental controls. You can even request a SIM only mobile deal. In fact, these services are available with all packages. Along with access to Apple TV and their channel for Premier Sports which they share with Virgin Media. Although, this no longer includes BT Sport.

The best price

You can find unlimited ultra-fast internet bundles for an excellent price. In fact you can get a bundle from a cost of just €34.99 a month or €419.88* per year. Also, Premier Sports TV channels (excluding BT Sport) are included with the FREE eir sport pack such as Eir Sport 1. (The one that used to be known as Setanta sports). A benefit that allows you to watch all things like 48 games of the Rugby World Cup, as well as the LIVE Guinness PRO14 games.

New customers on any of the home phone packages can also get further discounts based on the standard pricing. There is even on-demand content from the likes of Apple TV on offer too.

Getting Internet In My Area

Changing your internet is very easy. Looking for an unlimited broadband bundle with an ultra-fast, unlimited usage allowance, and great Wi Fi? Then first check how fast and what services are available at your address or the current line. Then pick the bundle option that suits you best and sign up online.

Switching to eir

There are many benefits to switching to a new company from your current provider. However, before you cancel your contract and change to a new supplier, we recommend that you take a look at the services available in your area. The process is easy and fast. The companys customer service department in Dublin is always available to assist new and current customers all the way through the migration process and in choosing the correct plan with a cost that is right for them.

  • Calls Included
    Unlimited Local and National calls
  • Contract Term
    24 months
  • Download Speed
  • Usage

* Activation & Installation fees may apply.

€54.99* See Deal

Or You Can Call

1800 303 721

  • Calls Included
    Unlimited Local and National calls
  • Contract Term
    12 Months minimum term
  • Download Speed
  • Usage

* Activation & Installation fees may apply.

€29.99* See Deal

Or You Can Call

1800 303 721

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a customer looking to connect your internet to your television so you can watch eir TV? Happily, with this provider, it is simple. First, align the TV input with the HDMI port on the vision box. Then be sure all your cables are secure. Next, look for the green light on your vision box. This indicates it's on. Then check your modem is on, and you have a connection. The next stage is to turn on the remote. Then check the light on the front of the box is flashing on and off. Finally, reboot your set, and you will be good to watch your eir TV.

For many customers, a single appointment for installation will be enough. For a small few, the first will be an assessment of the work needed to be done, and installation will happen on the second.

For many customers, a single appointment for installation will be enough. For a small few, the first will be an assessment of the work needed to be done, and installation will happen on the second.

Overall, eir is a great choice. Thus saving you money while still making sure you get an excellent service.

Talking of service, you can expect 24mbs - 1000mb downloads. Which at the top end is far higher that what you can expect for other leading mobile and internet providers like Vodafone. The former speed being in areas with the ADSL, and the latter in some areas once the rollout of fiber optic is complete. Additionally, they will upgrade you from ADSL landline for free on an 18-month contract, once fiber comes to your area.

Then there are additional perks they offer. These include €50 cashback off of your first bill and the FREE eir sport TV package too. A channel that used to be known as Setanta, and that now includes Virgin Media Sport as well. Something that means you will get accessibility to all of the following football, including the FA Cup - live, the Champions League, Allianz Leagues GAA, and Europa League. Plus sporting events such as Wimbledon and the US-based Masters, among others. Something that eir can provide as they partner with Virgin Media in their TV provision. Although it does currently exclude BT Sport.

Then there are the free national and local calls (off-peak). While the piste de resistance is an entire year of Amazon Prime for free. A service that is packed with iconic comedy series like Parks and Recreation, and thrilling dramas like Hunted.

Currently, this provider is working on an official branded internet speed checking app. In the meantime, there are unaffiliated apps online that the consumer can use to verify their upload and download statistics.

Broadband is another way of saying a very fast internet connection, and this supplier offers two main types. The first is an ADSL connection, which is the type of service you can expect all over Ireland. This connection from your home phone socket home to the exchange with copper wires.

The other option they have is fibre-to-the-home (FTTH ). This is a little different from ADSL because instead of copper wires, optic cables are used. This being something that means a more reliable, faster connection, with better bandwidth for users. In fact, these types of cables are more reliable because the optical cables used don't suffer from corrosion like the copper ones, and the connections are new and more robust too.

At this time, not all locations in Ireland are serviced by FTTH. The good news is that if you sign up for their 18 month contract unlimited eir broadband package, they will upgrade you for free when it does roll-out, while also providing you with 24mb ADSL in the meantime.

This type of eir broadband is a smart internet service choice for several reasons. The first is that it is one of the most reliable services out there. The reason being that you will get a Network Terminal Unit (NTU), as well as new fibre cabling between your local cabinet (FTTC) and the exchange.

It's also super fast, with up to 1,000MB speeds in some areas. Something that means no waiting for downloads, or struggling to use the web, even when the rest of the family are online.

Please note current customers will need to sign up for a new contract to be eligible for this. Although as per ComRge rules changes to any contract will be notified at least a month in advance. You will also be able to cancel as per their policy, and customers can keep their current phone numbers when switching to this plan.

You can find your reference number very easily as it is located in two places. The first is in the SMS you receive once your line is activated. While the second is on your bill.

Don't stress if you are struggling to track your reference number down though, as you can chat with an agent online that will be able to find it for you.