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  • Unlimited fibre broadband downloads
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Compare Vodafone Broadband offers and Tv bundles. Free Installation. Up to 1GB Speeds.

Vodafone Offer - month discount

Vodafone Broadband
  • €20.00 per month
  • Unlimited fibre broadband downloads
  • Free Installation
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  • Calls Included
    Unlimited Local and National calls
  • Contract Term
    18 Months
  • Download Speed
  • Usage

* Depending on geographic location

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  • Calls Included
    Anytime Home
  • Contract Term
    18 Months
  • Download Speed
  • Installation Fee
    Free Installation - No Fee

* €20 per month for first 6 months, from €35 per month thereafter.

€20.00* See Deal

Or You Can Call

1800 805 014

Why Vodafone?

For years, Vodafone has given mobile customers outstanding service. Now, it wants to do the same for its broadband and Vodafone TV customer base too.

The telecommunications network provides low fees without cutting quality. People trust the brand to deliver a good broadband service in places like Mullingar, Kilkenny, Tullamore, Galway, Clonmel, Limerick, Drogheda, Waterford, and Dublin Docklands.

Vodafone Home Broadband

Vodafone Broadband broadband services are available throughout Ireland and regulated by Comreg. They offer home broadband, mobile phone, SIM only contract deal options, home phone, and TV package deal options, including TV Plus with channels like RTÉ. Calls to Irish landlines are included.

The broadband provider has expanded its services over the years with help from BT Openreach. Its current services include:

  • Simply – a broadband deal with unlimited data GB usage on a 12-month contract
  • Gigafast – a fast home fibre optic internet deal with high Mbps.
  • Voice – an offer/deal that allows you to use a smartphone handset over a fixed broadband modem. It is compatible with Xiaomi, iPhone XR and Rs, Huawei, iPhone X Rs, Samsung S10e, and many others. No need to roam.

Unlike Tesco fibre Broadband internet, Vodafone is still in business. It launched a year before the Brexit vote under Max Gasparroni. Vodafone is a big telecom network in both Ireland and the UK. It recently signed a five-year agreement to deliver services with TV giant Virgin Media.

Like Virgin Media, EE and Eircom, Vodafone internet runs at a speed of up to 1 Gbps - great for IoT and TV. If you are a broadband customer in Ireland, you get a choice of router or modem installations. And there are several plans from which to choose, including Vodafone TV Box and app. You can search its web and SIM price on all the major price comparison sites.

Vodafone Ireland in Dublin sits at the top table of the league table for fibre. But is it right for you?

Broadband-only Vodafone deals

Simply Broadband Plans. Simply is €25 a month for the first six months. The monthly cost for the offer goes up to €50 after that. It is a 12-month contract. If you are an existing customer, you can get an average speed of 24 Mbps; fast enough for general browsing, TV, LinkedIn, Spotify, search, shopping and checking emails. It is suitable for all phone models, including Samsung.

Gigabit Broadband Plans. This pack is for the people who want lightning-fast internet over Wi-Fi. Data rates go as high as 1,000 Mbps - great for IoT. It comes on an 18-month deal. And it is €25 a month for the first six months. The monthly cost rises to €60 after that. It is comparable to the fastest products from eir, Telco and Digiweb. The Jio price in Rs is slightly lower, but it is a great upgrade.

Broadband and Talk Plans

Vodafone Simply Broadband + Home Essentials combines high-speed FTTP unlimited fibre broadband with unlimited calls "anytime" from home phone to Irish landlines. There are no usage caps and you don’t need a special SIM for your mobile. The offer gives you 100 megabit downloads and uploads of 20 Mbps. New customers can get web and roam calls talktime from €25 a month for the first six months. After that, the monthly cost is €50 for a low full-year cost. It is not a recharge prepaid mobile service. The firm charges differently when you travel outside of roam free and roam further destinations. GB data is free but you must pay for calls to mobile number contacts.

Home Unlimited is the company's flagship broadband and talk package with a GB plan. It includes Home Essentials benefits as standard. You also get access to free talktime and unlimited minutes on calls to Irish mobile number contacts, as with Eircom. The broadband pack starts at €25 a month for the first six months. The monthly cost rises to €60 after that. The Home Unlimited Gigabit broadband package add-ons are only €25 a month for the first six months and €70 a month after that. It is ideal for people with Apple iPhone X Rs and Samsung mobile phones with heavy 4G data requirements.

Award-Winning Broadband Network

Similar to eir, Vodafone is a great broadband brand. Their TV and broadband options won the following Switcher.ie awards:

  • Best Technical Support
  • Best Rural Rollout
  • Most recommended Fibre Broadband and mobile phone

How to take advantage of these mouthwatering plans

Are you ready to access one of the company’s great fibre and mobile phone calls bundles? Just fill in the simple form on this page to request a callback. Search all plans right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The length of the plans for the company’s broadband depends on the service. If you are a Simply customer, you must sign up for a 12 month contract. If you upgrade to become a gigabit broadband customer, you must sign up for 18 months.

About as good as it gets. The network has won numerous broadband awards from Switcher.ie. Its services are comparable to eir and gigabit fast. Like all firms in the sector, Comreg regulates it.

Coverage and reliability for the firm’s plans rank well next to competitors in Ireland. Dropped connections are low on most plans.

As with all fibre broadband carriers, you may not always get the advertised broadband speed (measures in GB per second) stated on your contract. Vodafone, however, provides stable plans - good for TV. The days of slow internet are officially behind us.

Vodafone Ireland has a free mobile coverage checker on its website. It lets you decide whether to choose a Vodafone superfast or standard package. And you can compare fibre broadband and 4G data speed in your area.

Installs for most plans take approximately ten working days. The provider won’t recharge you for this.

The one-off installation period includes shipping your router, carrying out work on the line and installing the app for TV. It also includes testing to assess speed for your deal.

The broadband provider uses ADSL and FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) fibre optic internet lines that connect to your router. Once activated, you can enjoy broadband and unlimited data right away and start using TV and home phone plans.

Vodafone Ireland uses fibre optic cables to provide fast rates and excellent reliability. Engineers connect services using a private (fibre-to-the-building) FTTH optic cable.

All Vodafone Ireland plans claim to offer unlimited downloads on fast broadband connection deal options, like in the UK. In practice, the firm caps you to 1TB of data per month. Most home users won’t come close to this limit, even streaming TV.

The Irish network provider will send your first bill very shortly after activation. New customers that get service bundles will receive a single monthly statement. It is the same for mobile broadband.

When it comes to paying your internet or TV package bill in Ireland, you have several options:

  • Set up a direct debit
  • Pay by phone by calling customer service
  • Use postpaid for calls and broadband

You can also top-up or recharge a prepaid mobile broadband device on most plans.