Cheapest Virgin Media Deal

Freedom TV
  • 240Mb/s
  • Freedom TV 20 Channels*
  • 24Mb Upload
  • World Talk Unlimited
  • Save €120

*Including 3 Player, RTE Player, 4oD, Sky On Demand and TG4.


per month

Fastest Virgin Media Deal

Connect 360Mb
  • 360Mb/s
  • Unlimited data
  • 36Mb Upload
  • World Talk Unlimited
  • Save €120
  • Virgin Media Hub

€64 a month after 6 months


per month

Best Deals

Best Virgin Media Deals

Connect 240 bundle
  • 240Mb/s
  • Unlimited data
  • 24Mb Upload
  • World Talk Unlimited
  • Save €120

€59 a month after 6 months


per month


  • World Unlimited Talk

  • Unlimited minutes to landlines and mobiles in Ireland and 22 International countries.

  • All Broadband, TV and telephony products are subject to a 12 month contract, unless otherwise stated.

Why Virgin Media?

While most consumers these days have the need for reliable broadband, not every user's needs are the same. Some simply need a reliable connection for browsing, while others need robust performance for the whole family that supports numerous devices at the same time to accommodate the whole family.  The best packages offered by Virgin Media are less about affordability and more about speed and technical specifications.

While Virgin Media isn’t the cheapest provider on the market they have an outstanding record of customer service. They have won a number of awards from’s broadband awards including;

  • Best Value Home Broadband

  • Best Customer Service

  • Best Broadband TV and Home Phone

  • Best Customer Rated Broadband

  • Fastest Home Broadband

  • Best Broadband Provider


There’s a reason why the brand paired with one of the fastest men alive Usain Bolt to promote their marketing campaign. If you’re looking for a fast broadband connection and upload speeds that leave competitors in the dust, Virgin Media has a range of deals to suit you. For true speed freaks, they offer a 360Mb broadband deal. This can also be purchased as a part of other bundles. Even if you opt for their 240Mb deal, this is still much faster than the 100Mb broadband deals you will get from the vast majority of other providers in Ireland. While that level of speed won't be necessary for everyone, it does make Virgin Media the provider of choice for whom speed and robust service are the number one priority.


Virgin Broadband & TV Ireland

Virgin Media is a household name across Ireland. As a digital pioneer, Virgin Media has invested over €1 billion in its infrastructure. People seeking ultra-fast broadband connections often sign up with the provider. They are officially Ireland's fastest broadband network.

Ookla, the global leader in broadband testing has awarded the status to Virgin Media. That's thanks in part to over one million independent speed tests! Across the network, the average download speed for Virgin Media broadband customers is 123.65Mbps. Of course, that isn't the fastest speeds that Virgin Media offer.

Here is a selection of their best package deals on offer:


240 Connect Bundle

Customers that sign up for this service can enjoy unlimited downloads at speeds of up to 240Mbps. The broadband service also features upload speeds of up to 24Mbps.

This package also comes with unlimited telephone calls to all Irish landlines and mobiles. There’s a service that few providers are able to offer. Plus, you can make use of 400 free minutes to landlines in 22 countries. That includes Ireland's nearest neighbour, the United Kingdom as well as Canada, Australia, The US, and a number of EU countries.

Other features include the Virgin Media Phone App. It's a useful way to make and receive calls on your mobile using VoIP. The usage forms part of your standard domestic and foreign call allowances. But that’s not all! If you visit someone that uses Virgin Media, you can use their WiFi service for free using Horizon Wifi. Concerned about security? Don’t sweat it! You can add Virgin Mobile’s award-winning internet security tool Online Armour for just €4 extra per month.

The price for 240 Connect Broadband is just €39 a month for the first 6 months before rising to a completely reasonable €59 a month thereafter.


240 Freedom Bundle

For those who don’t like the idea of being tied to a lengthy and restrictive contract, the Freedom Bundle offers all the benefits of the 240 Connect bundle with only a month’s contract length. That’s right, there are no lengthy prohibitive contracts here, the contract lasts for just 30 days.  


360 Connect Bundle

There are some for whom only the fastest will do. For these people, 360Mb Mobile World is the only choice! First of all, it boasts lightning-fast download speeds of up to 360Mbps. Secondly, you can make unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles. Finally, you get unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in 22 countries around the world.

The 360Mb Mobile World package also comes with the Virgin Media Phone App and free Horizon Wifi. It costs just €44 a month for the first 6 months, rising to €64 a month thereafter.


Broadband, landline and TV packages

Aside from neck-breakingly fast broadband, Virgin Media also offers digital TV on top of their broadband and landline packages. There are three combined packages on offer should you want to include digital TV as well;

  • Mix 240: This offers 240Mbps Internet download speeds. You also get unlimited calls to Irish landlines and 400 minutes to 22 countries. The TV element comprises more than 50 channels, 21 of which are in HD including Virgin Sport. The package costs €49 a month for the first 12 months and €89 a month thereafter.

  • Full House 240 is similar to the first package. Additionally, you can enjoy over 100 TV channels including Virgin Sport, 31 of which are in HD. The cost is €54 a month for the first 12 months, and €94 per month thereafter.

  • Full House 360 offers incredibly fast download speeds at 360Mbps. The TV and landline features are the same as the Full House 240 package and include the Virgin TV Anywhere App for seamless viewing across different devices.

Optional Sky channels like Sky Sports, Sky Cinema or both can be added to all of the above packages.