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Broadband and TV

Nowadays online facilities are a priority for most people. However, television still has a big role to play in the homes- and for some, on-demand movies and multiroom options are very important. To meet consumer demands, eir - the biggest broadband and phone service provider in Ireland- also offers broadband Internet packages with Television. With eir Broadband, you can additionally pick up 55 channels through your TV.

If you choose eir Vision TV Essential, you will have access to 61 channels, including BBC, RTÉ, Channel 4, and Virgin Media channels, as well as all of the channels in the eir Sport pack. This package allows you to pause, rewind and record, as well as get access to On Demand movies. The package includes UTV Ireland, Setanta, and the Disney channels. It is also possible to take advantage of TV “on the go” with eir Go.

eir Vision TV Experience package comes with 90 channels, including all of the channels in the eir Vision TV Essential plan, plus National Geographic, History, E!, nickjr, Cartoon Network, At the Races, Eurosport 1 & 2 and more.

The eir Vision+ box has up to 375 hours of recording space, and you can watch two shows while recording another. In addition to a great selection of channels, the company offers free eir Sport for all eir Broadband customers. And, with the eir Vision Go app, you can watch all your favourite Irish and UK channels at home or on the move, too.

Getting TV and Broadband

If you're looking for a new TV and Broadband deal, eir packages are certainly excellent options.

See below some of the features and advantages offered by the provider:

  • - Free eir sport
  • - 1000Mb fibre speed
  • - Prices start from only €45* a month

Add ons

Movies: eir already comes with Film 4 as standard, as well as giving you access to all of the latest blockbusters via eir Movies. But you can also choose to add on Sky Cinema for an additional monthly cost.

eir multiroom: the service allows you to watch all the channels you’ve subscribed to in up to 3 rooms at once. This costs an extra €5 per room per month.


There are many benefits to switching to a brand new broadband provider – such as getting faster speeds, better deals and saving money.

If you are considering switching to a brand new broadband provider, we recomend that you take a look at the bundles available in your area. It's important to check all the plan’s features and to read up on our terms and conditions, so that you are sure that you are getting the most appropriate plan for you at a good price.

Switching to eir is easy and fast.The company's customer service is always available to assist customers all the way through the migration process.

*You’ll need to have eir Broadband in order to avail of eir tv