Eir Mobile Complete 30 Day

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Eir Mobile Complete 30 Day

As the leading provider of fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services in Ireland, you should know that eir's vision is to be at the centre of its customers’ digital world. Through its services, the company wants to connect the whole country - helping consumers to work, play and learn. For this to happen, eir is opening up new digital experiences for you across TV, home phone, mobile and fibre broadband.

Mobile Data 50GB
Extras Free eir Sport
Minutes Title Unlimited mobile calls
Roaming Europe roaming data 30GB
Price €24.99/month – for 6 months. €34.99/month – thereafter.

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Switching to eir

Moving to eir is much easier than you imagine. So if you are looking for unlimited superfast fibre broadband with unlimited usage allowance - for business or entertainment - you should consider our options. Moreover, there are many advantages to switching to a brand new broadband provider – such as getting faster speeds, better deals and, most importantly, saving money.

Before signing up a new deal however, it is advisable that you check your current contract. If you're no longer within the contract's minimum terms, you're free to switch. If you're still within the minimum terms, you can switch, but there will likely be a cancellation fee - and it's usually a significant one.

Having checked your contract, if you are free to move on, the next step is to work out what speed you require and what speed and service is available at your address or current line. Then consider if you need a limited or unlimited eir broadband package and what services you would like to add on – Remember that you can save money by bundling them all up together with your broadband deal.

Finally, check all the plan’s features and read up the terms and conditions to make sure that you are getting the most appropriate plan for you at a good price. Pick the option that suits you best and sign up online.


Keep reading to see how easy we make it for you!

To change providers without interruption in provision of a broadband service, we recommend you give us your UAN (Universal Account Number on your current provider's bill ) and your billing details when placing your order and we'll take care of all the migration details for you. With your data in hand we'll confirm your installation date within 3 working days of placing your order online. Our customer service is always available to assist you right the way through the migration process and also after you change over.

*You’ll need to have eir Broadband in order to avail of eir tv

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Calls and Texts
Unlimited Calls and Texts
Contract Length
30 Days
Mobile Data
TV Package
Free Eir Sport
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