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  • Up to 100 Channels
  • Best Broadband and TV Package
  • Up to 1000MB Speeds
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Compare eircom Tv Packages. Get Free eir Sport with Virgin Media Sport Pack. Apple TV 4K Included. Find all eir TV Channels.

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eir TV
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  • Totally Unlimited Broadband
  • Up to 150Mb Fibre

eir TV Packages

Does television play a big role in your home? If so, you’ll love the range of TV pack options available from eir, the biggest broadband provider in Ireland.

The company’s television and broadband bundles offer fabulous value for money. Apple TV deals come with more than 55 stations. Plus you get free sports stations and 1000Mbps fibre speeds. Prices start from just €45* a month! The company competes directly with Vodafone.

Latest eir TV deals

The customer deals on offer are fabulous. You can get one month's FREE eir TV. Only €9.99 when you sign up today! Limited time offer!

Vision TV Essential gives you access to 61 TV channels. These include standouts like BBC, RTÉ, Channel 4, and Virgin Media Sport. You get Sports, plus television “on the go” with Go. You also get UTV Ireland, Setanta, and Disney.

This pack doesn’t disappoint on features either. You can pause, rewind and record any show. Plus you get access to on-demand movies.

The Vision+ box has up to 375 hours of recording space. Advanced features let you watch two shows while recording another.

The company provides eir Sport for all eir broadband customers. And, with the Vision Go app, you can watch all your favourite Irish and UK TV stations at home or on the move, too.

Sky Sports

  • Features: all 7 Sky Sports - Includes Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Premier League and more.
  • Contract length: a 1 month minimum contract.
  • Price: €39.99 per month

Sky Cinema

  • Features: 11 fantastic movie stations- with new movie premiers every day
  • Contract length: 1-month minimum commitment.
  • Price: €23.99 per month

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema

  • Features: all 7 Sky Sports + all 11 Sky Cinema stations together
  • Contract length: 1-month minimum commitment.
  • Price: €48.99 per month

Get more in HD

Eircom offers 10 HD stations as standard on its essential pack. You can add more for just €4.99 per month with a 1-month minimum commitment.

Add ons

Movies: Get Film 4 as standard. You can also watch the latest blockbusters on the Movies pack. Film buffs looking for the best can add Sky Cinema for a small fee.

Multi-room. This feature lets you watch all your stations in up to three rooms at once. Add up to two extra boxes for just €5 per room per month.

Why Choose eir TV?

In a word, the speeds! Download at up to 1 Gbps and get a choice of connections. Both fibre & ADSL broadband are available, depending on your location. And, on top of that, all new eir customers get free Wi-FI installation.

The company is also one of only a few quad-play providers in Ireland. It lets you bundle broadband, Television, landline and SIM-only mobile plans through third-parties like Vodafone, into a single package.

Other free benefits include keeping your existing landline home phone number, off-peak rates, and parental controls.

The Fixed Broadband app makes it easier for the customer to access services. The on-demand service links to the Sport pack on smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Log on to eirsport.ie for more details.

Packs start from just €39.99.

Getting Television and Broadband Packages

Do you want a new TV and Broadband deal? Check out some of the features you get as a customer of Ireland’s biggest network below:

  • - Sports stations included as standard
  • - 1000Mbps speed
  • - Prices from only €45* a month

Add ons

Movies.Get Film 4 and eir Movies as standard. You can also add on Sky Cinema for a small fee. Multiroom. Watch all your channel favourites in up to three rooms at once and pay just €5 per room per month.

Amazon Prime. Get Prime for free for twelve months and then pay €5.99 after.


Switching to a new broadband provider brings like eir a host of benefits. Faster speeds, better deals, and saving money are all par for the course.

If you're thinking about switching, take a look at the bundles in your area.

Always check the plan’s features and to read up on our terms and conditions. Always make sure that you get the best price.

Switching is easy and fast. eir customer service is always available. They can help you at any stage.

*You’ll need to have eir Broadband if you want to watch the brand’s television

  • Channels
    90 Channels
  • Contract Term
    12 Months
  • Download Speed
  • Usage

* Activation & installation fees may apply.

€39.98* See Deal

Or You Can Call

1800 303 721

  • Channels
    90 Channels
  • Contract Term
    24 months
  • Download Speed
  • Usage

* Activation & installation fees may apply.

€64.98* See Deal

Or You Can Call

1800 303 721

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to connect to a new TV service on your Android or iOS device, you’ll need the eir TV app. Just download it from the Play or Apple Store.

Connecting is easy. The company installs the app automatically on your modem during the setup. There’s no need to sign in.

eircom television comes as part of your eir broadband service on some packages. You receive an Apple TV set-top box in the post which you set up. Once linked to your account, you can access all the stations through the internet.

eircom is a WiFi television service delivered to devices capable of displaying videos. These include compatible Apple products, your home PC or laptop, or Android phone or tablet. The company sends information via the internet to your device allowing you to watch shows, a bit like Netflix. You can install it alongside your home phone.

There are more than 78 stations, including radio and eir sport. These include news, kids and entertainment stations. There are also GAA sport and documentary stations. You also get RTÉ Player. BT Sport is no longer available.

This is a service that gives you access to Apple TV 4K+. The plan includes a free one-year Apple TV+ membership and FREE eir sport.

You can see the latest TV guide.

Here’s a list of some of the stations available through the service:

  • Aljazeera
  • Cbeebies
  • Disney Channel
  • Nickelodeon
  • Fox
  • Quest
  • Dave
  • Discovery
  • History
  • eir sport 1
  • eir sport 2

You can also watch shows available through Amazon Prime and Apple TV.