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Three Ireland

Having launched in 2005, Three Ireland is one of the country's leading telecom and internet service providers. Whether you're looking for a new mobile contract, broadband package, or a combination of both, the company is one of the first solutions any Irish resident will consider.

Here at, we can help you gain the best offer and pay plan on your phone plan, mobile internet, or home broadband contract with Three.

Frequently Asked Questions

When taking out a mobile phone contract in 2020, internet data and network coverage are probably a greater priority than airtime minutes and texts. Three's All You Can Eat data is the ultimate mobile internet service, providing unrivalled speed, coverage, and data for browsing, gaming, social media, and more.

The unlimited data plans allow you to use the internet as frequently as you like without any concerns about incurring extra charges. The mobile operator is, therefore, the perfect supplier of mobile data for use at home, work, and on the go.

An All You Can Eat Data sim with Three can be used with unlimited minutes to provide the most comprehensive packages while there are also available for an array of devices including iPhone, Nokia, and Samsung phones that will accept this type of sim card. It’s also possible to check network coverage and strength before committing to any deal. Better still, a 14 day cooling period can be used if needed.

Three's mobile broadband data is presented as truly unlimited All You Can Eat data, and it is. Within reason. The service provider won't charge you extra but can take action if your sim uses more than 60 GB in a 28-day period, particularly if your extensive usage affects other customers. Meanwhile, the mobile data is limited to domestic Irishusage. However, the unlimited data packages will not encounter additional costs, which is particularly important when taking out a new contract.

When dealing with unlimited home mobile broadband, the fair usage is increased to 750GB, to reflect the type of usage that you'll encounter across multiple devices. Three is the mobile operator of choice for advanced plans and more while it also offers convenient and transpar

Three Ireland delayed the launch of 5G from 2019 to 2020 in order to enjoy a more substantial rollout. By the end of the year, users across all major cities in Ireland can expect to enjoy the benefits of 5G network connections to their mobile sim. Moreover, making the transition is set to be a very simple task once 5G drops. You will simply need to reset your phone before enjoying unlimited data on your sim on what will be an even faster unlimited data plans.

While truly unlimited plans are limited to ROI usage, Three mobile broadband does offer roaming in the EU under the Roam Like Home platform. This essentially allows you to use mobile internet data in EU territories at your standard rate (for free if using All You Can Eat Data) within fair usage. Surcharges are imposed if you surpass that reasonable usage threshold. For the most part, though, Three is a convenient and cost-effective solution for roaming in the EU.

Three's partnerships with AYCE data and networks across Europe ensure consistent unlimited connectivity while network messages provide transparency while you're abroad. You can keep using the same sim card for access to all of the European networks too.

Can Three mobile hotspot replace home internet?

Virgin Media is a provider that offers a wide range of bundle deals at affordable prices to a very wide network of customers. The Virgin Full House 500 bundle offers 114 TV channels as well as 500 Mbps Broadband, Virgin Media Sport, and a host of other features for €74 per month. Meanwhile, smaller home entertainment packages include the Virgin Mix 250 bundle that uses 250 Mbps broadband, Virgin TV, and phone line services, as well as the Naked 360 Mbps unlimited data plan bundle.

Virgin Media offers all of its package deals on a 12-month contract, although it is also possible to enjoy a rolling one month contract too. Here at, you can find the best new customer deal while simultaneously reducing the one-off set-up fees for your bundle. Virgin Media provides all hubs, TV set top boxes, and equipment needed to deliver the ultrafast data transfers and pleasant browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences that you deserve.

The Three Ireland mobile hotspot allows you to tether your mobile to other devices, allowing the additional items to use your mobile 4G and 5G connections as a personal WiFI network. Due to the unlimited nature, it is technically possible to use this as a replacement for home internet.

In reality, though, despite the very good download speeds for mobile connections, tethering is unlikely to provide the type of speeds needed for online gaming and streaming across multiple devices. The pre pay mobile broadband packages are better.

Three Broadband is now 15 years old, and their network provides some of the best coverage in Ireland, reaching remote areas as well as the major cities. Whether opting for pre pay daily broadband or monthly mobile data, you will get great speed to your sim or device. The Huawei routers are particularly reliable, and allow users to enjoy download speeds of up to 300Mbit/s.

However, the average is probably nearer the 20Mbit/s region, which is still perfectly fine for most internet activities such as social media or streaming films and music.

Whether seeking broadband for your mobile or mobile broadband for your laptop and unlimited home usage, Three is an ideal service provider for customers across Ireland, including those that regularly visit the EU. There's excellent speed, great coverage, and free routers, while smaller packages like 3GB per month can be used by those that have reduced needs for data.

Whatever you're looking for, mobile or home broadband, can help you find the best deals currently available. In addition to sim only deals and unlimited data plans, pay-as-you-go and capped GB data allowance alternatives are available.

Check the latest Three Ireland offers below for further information on the best device, sim, pay plan, and GB usage for your needs.