Sky TV

  • Available with Sky Broadband at no extra cost
  • A remote control for the internet
  • Including apps they download and websites they visit
  • 3 month free Spotify Premium

Compare Sky Tv and Broadband bundles. Speeds Up to 1GB. Free Spotify Premium for 3 months.

Sky Offer - month discount

Sky TV
  • €32.00 per month
  • 6 months half price Sports and Cinema offer
  • Totally Unlimited Broadband
  • Record Tv Channels

Why Sky?

Sky is a global company with a solid reputation and award winning customer service. They offer TV, phone and broadband services which can be combined into one package to suit your household needs. You can currently get a Sky TV, talk and broadband package for a discounted price of €59 per month for a minimum period of 12 months. This provides you with up to 100Mb broadband, inclusive evening and weekend calls and the original Sky TV package. You will be provided with a Sky Hub Wireless router and setup fees may apply. As a market leader and one of the country’s biggest brands, you've assured a good level of service and customer care.

Sky Broadband and TV

You’ll be astonished by just how much you can now get from Sky Ireland at a budget-friendly price that leaves competitors in the dust. If you’re looking for a package that featured broadband, phone and TV Sky is particularly advantageous although they have the versatility to allow you to cherry-pick the products that are right for you.

Sky Broadband And Phone

Starting at just €30 a month, you will able to get breakneck speeds on Sky Fibre Unlimited with Sky Talk included. The Sky Fibre Unlimited package is offered on a twelve-month contract, giving you a full year to decide whether it’s right for you. After twelve months you can continue on one of the fastest connections available on the market. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a new package like Sky Fibre Max which offers average speeds of 63mbps and a breakneck maximum speed of 75mbps, depending on your area.

Sky Fibre gives you unlimited download capacity at 100mbps. This allows you to download a full movie in HD in just 1.2 minutes or a whole TV series in just thirty seconds. No more waiting around for buffering or suffering through crude and blocky images while your broadband connection catches up with you. Whatever your need for speed, Sky has got you covered.

Sky Ireland’s packages are completely customisable. You to choose what you want, how you want it with no expensive add-ons that you’ll never use. You can determine the perfect package depending on your phone use and your broadband needs.

Sky Talk Freetime offers inclusive evening and weekend calls for up to an hour to any landline number in the Republic of Ireland. Alternatively, Sky Talk Anytime offers free national calls up to an hour, any time, any day as well as inclusive calls to countries outside of Ireland including the UK and the USA. It also offers great mobile rates from just 10.20c a minute.

Broadband, Phone And TV Bundles

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package, you can get broadband, phone and TV from Sky in one great deal that’s custom made for you. You can choose a broadband speed that suits your needs of up to 100mbps. You can then add your preferred Sky Talk package. Then, it’s a simple case of deciding which great Sky TV package suits you best.

Sky TV has something for everyone offering unparalleled access to sports channels, great movies, the very best TV drama from around the world and an astounding selection of kids’ programming. All of the TV packages can be personalised allowing you to add more of what you love.

TV subscription packages start at €29.50 a month for the original bundle or €39 a month for the variety bundle. These packages include channels like Sky Atlantic which brings you the very best TV from around the world before anyone else like the historical epic Britannia or the nail-biting new drama Sharp Objects. Looking for the latest binge-worthy show? Sky box sets give you complete access to the very best TV shows.

On top of all that, you can add Sky Sports TV and enjoy over 550 live games this 2018/19 season. More of a movie buff? How about adding Sky Box Office to your package and getting the latest box office hits, broadcast in HD and 5.1 surround sound straight to your home just months after they leave the cinema.

Extras like Sky On The Go, Sky Demand, and Sky Multiscreen make it easier than ever for the whole family to enjoy whatever they want to watch on TV. These features will enable you to watch the shows, movies and games you love in different parts of the home, on the go or on demand. Since these bundles are currently offered at discounted rates for 6 months, you need a seriously good reason not to!

For a small additional charge, Sky Q is the next generation of Sky Hub which allows you to watch your content on any screen you want with a seamless transition. Start off a move on your Tv and finish it off on your tablet seamlessly. It also allows crystal clear 4K UHD streaming.

What You Need

You don’t need much to get your home set up with Sky. All you need is a Sky Box and a satellite which are both included with the installation. With inclusive packages, you can get everything you need from Sky and get the best in home entertainment for the whole family.