Three Mobile Broadband

  • Three Mobile Prepay
  • All You Can Eat Data
  • Three to Three Calls
  • 8GB Data EU

Three Offer - month discount

Three Mobile Broadband
  • €20.00 per month
  • Just Top Up €20
  • All You can Eat
  • Unlimited Data

Compare Three Mobile Plans. Bill Plans. Unlimited Data. EU Roaming

  • Calls Included
    Unlimited Local and National calls
  • Mobile Data
    Unlimited Data
  • Calls and Texts
    Unlimited Calls and Texts
  • Mobile Data
    Unlimited Data
  • Roaming
    EU Roaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the best and the easiest way for you to get the best deal and a good speed from a broadband provider. There is a wide range of offers on the market and it is tough to know where to start looking. Our mission is to guide you throughout the process of finding the service that really meets your demands through our comparison tool. With us you can easily compare every plan’s features, prices, coverage and offers from all of the networks. Our service is free, accurate and impartial, as well as being fast and easy to use.

Searching for a provider is quite simple. Enter a provider or product name in our search box and proceed with your search.

Yes, you can. As there are dozens of providers offering different options for a range of prices, there are also many benefits to switching to a brand new one, such as getting a new router and mostly important saving money.

So if you are considering to switch, the first step is to choose any service from our website. This way you are able to understand all the bundles available in your area that are in your budget.

Yes. There are companies already able to offer broadband that doesn't need a telephone. If your goal is to hire a standalone product, there are several options available in Ireland for those who don't require a landline or traditional TV plan.

Currently, the Irish market is very competitive. There are 7 Telecom Companies available who provide services to new customers (Pure Telecom, Bigblu, Digiweb, eir (Eircom), Sky Ireland, Virgin Media, and Vodafone). There are a number of smaller providers which specialise in connecting rural regions.

The best option is one that matches your requirements. You need to source the one that best meets your demands regarding quality, coverage (availability in your area) and price. Some internet services also offer services such as landline or TV plans.

Yes, you can! The best package is the one that suits your needs and combines all the elements: Home Phone, TV and Broadband, into the one manageable bill from the same broadband provider.

Yes. we have partnered with all Irish Telecoms and mobile networks, so we list them all.

We have a partnership with all Irish providers to make the services available on our website and to offer you the best deal. Our results are based on the services offered by our partners. We rank these by price, availability and types of packages. The types of services offered are internet, mobile data, tv and phone packages.