How Broadband Deals Can Save You Money

The sheer volume of deals on a broadband provider website can throw even the shrewdest of online bargain hunters into a downward spiral of ‘analysis paralysis'. When you start trying to compare multiple sites against each other, things get even more complicated.

That's where comparison websites come in, allowing you to save time and money by comparing everything in one convenient place side by side. Usage of comparison websites is growing all the time with over 75% of adults aged between 35 and 44 having used one in a survey of 1,570 respondents in the UK.

How much can you potentially save?

A survey conducted by iReach in Ireland found that consumers could save as much as €444 per year by switching their broadband, TV, and phone bundle, while in the UK subscribers are paying on average £33.77 too much per month for broadband services alone.

Why use a comparison website?

If you can just go straight to the provider's website, do you need to spend time on a comparison site? Here are the top 10 reasons why your first best option is always to use a comparison website and why Broadband Deals is the only comparison site you should be using if you're looking for broadband, phone, and TV deals in Ireland.

10 ways Broadband Deals can save you money

1. We are specialized

We monitor and compare broadband, phone and TV bundles in the Republic of Ireland and that's all we do.

When there's a new deal announced, we feature it. You don't need to bookmark pages on multiple provider sites or search through pages of unrelated services on a clunky generalist comparison website.

We get straight to the point and let you track discounts and deals on broadband, phone, and TV with nothing else getting in the way.

2. The Deals Page

Our comprehensive deals page lets you compare all the latest deals and packages side-by-side. If you're unsure whether you need broadband only, a broadband and phone package, or a broadband TV and phone bundle, this page has you covered.

The intuitive visual format lets you compare everything easily to save not only a tonne of time but potentially lots of money as well.

3. Providers You've Never Heard Of

Ireland has more broadband providers than you might think. There are some you've never heard of, some you've forgotten, and some you have heard of but didn't know they provided broadband.

We keep our beady eye on all of them to ensure that when you compare providers, you compare them all.

4. Fibre broadband

Not every company provides fibre broadband and not every area in Ireland has it yet. We'll take you straight to all the packages from every provider on the Irish market and if you're following the SIRO broadband rollout we have a whole section dedicated to their packages and bundles.

5. Broadband Phone and TV

You can save real money with all-in-one bundles, but you have to find them first! We currently cover options from over 12 providers and are always ready to add newcomers to our watchlist.

Searching through 12 separate providers can take serious time, but you can cut to the chase and see every broadband, phone, and TV bundle on offer in Ireland all in one place.

6. Switch to SIM only

If you only need a single service, why pay for more in a bundle? You can find SIM only, and TV and Broadband Deals deals in seconds and compare all the national providers side by side.

If you don't watch your TV or use your landline anymore, you can switch to a broadband and phone are all you need and you can lose your mobile package to cut costs and put more money in the bank.

7. Tracks deals and discounts

Buying on impulse is never wise. Instead of coming up against a problem with your current provider or waiting until you desperately need great broadband because you just got a great remote job offer, plan in advance.

With a great comparison website, you can bookmark the pages you need and check back regularly to stay on top of all the deals. You'll be fully informed and ready to pounce on your ideal bundle when you see the one that's right for you.

8. Save money on your business

Are you running or starting a business? Make sure you are getting the best deals possible on Broadband, SIM Only, Landline & Voice, or Static IP Broadband, and save on your bottom line. Time is money in business and our dedicated business deal page will save you both.

9. Make sure you need it

By using a site dedicated to the product you need and staying on top of all the deals in advance, you'll have a birdseye view of everything available on the market. It also gives you time for pause to evaluate if you truly need something or not. Just because you think you need the latest blistering speeds delivered to your home via fibre optic cable, it might be overkill.

Broadband Deals lets you compare the characteristics of every deal down to the nitty-gritty of upload versus download speeds, EU data allowances, call and text limits, and much more. With a cool head, you'll see clearly what you need, and more importantly, what you don't need.

10. Brands you've never heard of

Pay attention to these. Sometimes they have the best deals of all. You'll find them all on Broadband Deals and easily find the lowest costs, the best bundles, and smaller companies providing great service under the radar.

11. (*bonus money saver) Get better deals with your existing provider

Not only do we cover signup deals for new customers, we also keep track of deals that are available to existing customers as well. Even if you're happy with your current provider, they might have a sweet new deal to gain new business but they've made the deal available to you as well to keep your business.

These deals aren't always heavily advertised, but we make sure to keep track of them so you can claim the discounts you are entitled to but that you didn't even know existed.

Ready to save money on your next broadband deal?

You can explore the full range of broadband deals and bundles with us, check out our handy FAQs page, or drop us a line through our contact page and we'll be happy to help.