The Top Ten Questions About Broadband Internet In Ireland

Life without broadband is no longer an option, but most of us still have questions about what it is, how to get it, and what the best options are for our needs. In this short read we answer 10 of the nation's most burning questions on high-speed broadband and bring you up to speed on everything you need to know before making the switch to another service provider.

1. How do I cancel my broadband?

  1. Check your contract status. Contact your current provider and find out if you are still under contract or not. This step is crucial. If you are still in contract and you break it, you will have to pay the entire balance of the remaining time on your contract.
  2. Contact your new provider and once you have read the small print, choose your new package. Ask them if they will cancel your existing account or if you should do it yourself. Most will take care of this automatically for you, but make sure you ask to avoid getting bills from both providers.
  3. Make sure the old account is canceled. No matter what the answer was in step two, contact your old provider and get confirmation that your account with them is now closed.

2. How can I check my broadband speed?

  1. There are two speeds you need to keep in mind. Most broadband packages are asymmetric meaning that upload and download speeds are different. Download is usually faster to facilitate streaming and gaming and allow for traffic management.
  2. There are dozens of great speed checkers and all you need to do is go to the website on your phone or computer and click the speed test button. Here are two of our favourites:
    1. Eir broadband speedtest
    2. Imagine broadband speed test
  3. Once you know your current upload and download speeds come on find the most competitive packages on the Irish market.

3. What is a broadband line check?

When you switch broadband providers in Ireland you will need to have a line check done to see what kind of services can be delivered to your address. It only takes a few minutes and is typically carried out remotely by the new company.

All you need for the test is your address or Eircode and the check will enable your new provider to determine the connection type, speed, and UAN (Universal Account Number) of your property.

4. How can I boost my WiFi signal strength?

  1. Check the location of your hub. Try to keep it as central as you can and avoid blocking it with items of heavy furniture, solid walls, metal objects, and large mirrors.
  2. Space devices apart. If you have other wireless transmitters in your home, such as baby monitors or cordless phones, they may interfere with your WiFi hub. Try to keep them all well separated.
  3. Reboot your wireless transmitter/modem. This will reset the channel it uses if other devices in your home or even outside your property are competing to use the same channels.
  4. Buy a plug-in signal booster for your laptop or other device. If your computer has to be far away from the WiFi hub, a USB plug-in booster can amplify the signal.
  5. Check the channels you are using on your devices. 2.4Ghz is better for devices farther from the signal. 5Ghz is better for those closer to the unit.

5. What can I do if my broadband is down?

  1. Check your WiFi hub/modem first. Reboot and see if this fixes the issue.
  2. Reboot. Assuming your hub is connected to the internet, check your devices. Turn WiFi on and off in settings to see if that resolves the issue. If this doesn't work then reboot the device itself.
  3. Is it a general fault? If you still have mobile phone connectivity then head on over to If you see broadband is down in your area then you know it has already been detected and is being resolved.
  4. Inform your provider. If there's nothing down in your area then you need to call your provider and let them know there's a problem with your line.
  5. Breathe. If you don't have landline or mobile access, it's probably a general problem and will be handled in due course. Make some tea, and try to remain calm!

6. Why is broadband so expensive in Ireland?

Inflation is currently a global issue. Nevertheless, Ireland still has some of the highest prices for broadband in the EU. You can do your bit to keep prices down by always using a great comparison website and shopping around for the best deals possible. Read more about the highest prices for broadband in the EU.

7. What is National Broadband Ireland?

National Broadband Ireland is the group of investors and technical experts working together to implement the Irish government's National Broadband Plan. The goal is to provide world-class high-speed broadband internet access to all parts of Ireland. Partner members include the KN Group, Nokia, ESB, Gaeltec, Actavo, Secto, and others.

8. What is the best broadband provider in Ireland?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. To find out which provider is best for your needs, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do I need broadband? Gamers and business owners will need faster upload and download speeds. Casual domestic users can exist happily with far lower speeds.
  2. Do I need additional services included in my broadband bundle? If you only need straight broadband, you can check our Broadband Only bundles.. If you need broadband and mobile, broadband and TV, or any other combination, you can compare the full range of options.
  3. Do you need fast fibre optic broadband? Check our Fibre Broadband deals .
  4. What options are available to me at my location? Check fibre optic availability. Also, check out SIM-only options or get in contact with specific providers to see if they cover your area.

9. Is fibre optic internet available in my area?

It's easy to find out. See the previous question with links on how to check out all the options available in your location and how to stay up to date with developments if your area isn't currently wired for fibre optic broadband.

10. Is fibre optic broadband the best kind?

This depends on your needs. If you are gaming, running a business, or have a large household with many concurrent users, then fibre optic may be the best option for you. If you are only browsing the internet or using a smart TV then you may not notice the extra bandwidth and speed.

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