What Are The Main Types Of Broadband Deal In Ireland?

We are all unique and so are our broadband needs. This short read makes it simple to figure out the differences between the many varieties of broadband deal available in Ireland today and gives you the tools to make the best choice possible.

1. Broadband only

This is the basic package with no add-ons. You can choose between fibre optic, non-fibre, and mobile options, but your main considerations are going to be download/upload speeds and cost.

The contracts are usually 12 in length with speeds ranging from 250Mb to 1Gb and downloads are generally unlimited. Installation costs, if any, are usually included, but as with download limits, and other features, make sure to confirm these with your provider first.

If you have a mobile phone already or a landline service you are happy with then this can be a great way to add broadband to your home at a low cost.

Many providers, however, have broadband and mobile bundles, so you should calculate the total cost of your existing monthly phone charges to see if you can save money with a combined deal elsewhere.

Why choose broadband only?

  • You are already on a TV, mobile, or landline contract elsewhere
  • Save money with a no-frills package

What you need to consider

  • Download speed
  • Download usage
  • Contract term and cost
  • Installation fee

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2. Broadband and mobile

This option provides greater flexibility. If you need broadband and mobile together for a short period such as a 30-day contract this bundle is the perfect option.

The main factor to consider here is the number of calls and texts you can make, the limits on your data, and roaming charges if you are planning on traveling abroad.

Most bundles include unlimited Irish minutes and data under fair usage agreement and a limit on the number of international minutes and data.

Why choose broadband and mobile?

  • You don’t own or watch TV or you already have a TV deal
  • You don’t need a landline telephone or you already have one
  • Save money with a combined broadband and mobile bundle

What you need to consider

  • How many texts, local and national call minutes are included
  • How many international call minutes are included
  • Domestic data limits
  • Mobile data limits within the EU
  • Contract term and cost

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3. TV and broadband

Sky and eir are the two main providers of TV and broadband in Ireland. The bundles vary by download speeds and number of channels included. Usage is generally unlimited with speeds varying from 100Mbps to 1Gb.

The lower end is usually enough for most households but if you have gamers in the house or significant data needs then you may want to consider a faster option.

There is usually a 12-month contract that includes free installation. Depending on what you and your family like to watch you can choose packages that include only the basics to others that include 50+ channels.

Why choose TV and broadband?

  • You already have a landline or mobile contract
  • Save money on a combined TV and broadband deal

What you need to consider

  • Contract term and cost
  • Setup and installation fees
  • Download speeds
  • Download usage
  • Channels included

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4. Broadband and landline

If you already have a mobile and don’t watch much TV this can be a great combination to have the security of a landline in case your mobile coverage or phone lets you down.

These generally involve 12 to 24-month contracts and have unlimited downloads, so your main consideration will be speed, particularly if you are connecting to many devices at once. These typically range from 100Mbps to 1Gb.

The other factor to keep in mind are the number of calls included. Most deals will have unlimited local and national calls, so if you frequently call abroad, make sure you know what rates you will be charged.

Some packages are unlimited during off-peak hours so also take the time to understand what rates you will be charged if you call during peak times.

Why choose broadband and phone?

  • You want a landline as a backup to your mobile phone
  • Save money on a combined broadband and landline deal

What you need to consider

  • Number of domestic calls included
  • Off-peak usage clause
  • Contract term and cost
  • Download speeds
  • Download usage
  • Setup and installation fees

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5. Broadband, phone, and TV

These multi-combo deals typically include unlimited usage and come with 12-month contracts. Unlimited local and national calls are standard so your main comparison points are price, download speeds, and the number of channels included in your TV package.

Download speeds vary from 100Mbps to 1Gb and the number of channels from basic essentials with Sky to over 80 with Vodafone.

Why choose broadband, phone, and TV?

  • Your current contract term has expired
  • Save money with a combined bundle

What you need to consider

  • Number of domestic calls included
  • Off-peak usage clause
  • Contract term and cost
  • Download speeds
  • Download usage
  • Setup and installation fees
  • Channels included

6. SIM only

These deals use your mobile phone to provide broadband internet connectivity. They are generally prepay with top-ups at 4-week intervals and unlimited local calls and texts.

Why choose SIM only?

  • You travel frequently domestically and need internet on the go
  • You will be traveling within the EU
  • Save money with a combined mobile and broadband deal
  • You don’t want a landline or already have an existing contract
  • You don’t watch TV or you already have a TV package
  • Save space in your home

What you need to consider

  • Domestic calls and texts included
  • International call minutes included
  • Contract term and costs
  • Prepay top-up costs
  • Mobile data limits
  • Data usage limits
  • EU roaming limits
  • Download speeds

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Other deals and bundles

Fibre and SIRO broadband deals

A fibre broadband deal means that you will be connected to the internet by a fibre optic cable network. Not only is this faster but it will be future-proofed for increasing data needs of the internet and digital connectivity.

SIRO broadband refers to the company contracted to manage the installation of a high-speed fibre optic cable network across Ireland. This network will deliver the fastest speeds available to Irish domestic and business users.

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TV only

If you already have phone and broadband you can also order a separate TV only package.

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How to pick your perfect broadband bundle

Now that you know what the basic packages are, all you need to do is ask yourself what you need included in your bundle and then compare deals to get the best value possible.

If you still have questions or need any help, head on over to our FAQ page or feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.